Vibhav Gupta | Peru (Part 4) - Amazonas

Heading out from our hotel in Sacred Valley... Unique B&B right on the train station ;))The city of Cuzco, brief stop overWe landed in the Amazon region and felt like we had arrived in 1940... Hot, humid, no ACGetting acclimatized to the heat and humidityWildlife started right awayOn thw 3 hr boat ride deep into the Amazon forestKeeping up the spirits despite the weatherCapybara - one of the biggest rodents on earthBoat ride had amazing viewsFirst hike was out at night!!Caiman eyes!More critters and flysCaimans galore!!This was our eco lodge accomodation... Loved the open to nature feelingNo electricity, cold showers, candle light and open to jungle... Loved it!Getting ready for the jungle hikes